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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Sierra Vista Growers. Thank you for your shopping locally in 2020.

We are on Christmas break and will be CLOSED starting on Sat. 12/19/20. We REOPEN Monday Jan. 4, 2021. 

CLOSED SUNDAYS in January through Mid- February.


A BigThank You to all our Loyal Customers.  Masks are a requirement and social distancing is strongly enforced. Thank you for your patience. We are following the guidelines for the State of New Mexico.  We are protecting our wonderful employees and our community. 










What's New at Sierra Vista Growers





We at Sierra Vista Growers help customers understand our “Living Products” with outstanding customer service! 


Come join in the experience of Sierra Vista Growers-GroWild!

After you tour our greenhouses there are many fun activities along the New Mexico Highway 28.

Try wine tasting at Zin Valle and La Vina wineries.

Buy fresh locally grown veggies at the Telles roadside stand, the La Vina farmers Market.

Drive the 28 miles to Mesilla through beautiful Pecan Orchards. Stop at Chopes Cafe in La Mesa for world famous chile rellenos. Enjoy the trails for biking and hiking along the highway or the Rio Grande River.


Sierra Vista Wholesale Growers, Inc.
began operations in 1987 with the idea of being a full service wholesale/retail nursery growing a complete inventory of plant materials that are appropriate to the Chihuahuan desert.