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Basically, vines are shrubs that have no limitations on their growth habit. They can grow vertically with support, (trellis, arbor, or wall) or they can be left unsupported and be considered a groundcover. Vines can be very useful in covering large areas rather quickly and with the variety of blooms and foliage, can add a dimension to your landscape difficult to achieve through standard shrubs and trees.

There are four major categories of attachment for vines. Vines that twine (new growth twist and spirals around support), vines that have tendrils (growth along stems reach out and wrap around anything within reach), Clinging vines (growth along stems attach to flat surfaces), and vines with no natural support ( need to be tied).
We grow both deciduous and evergreen vines that are adapted to this region. Of our deciduous vines, which thrive in our summer heat and poor soil, Bougainvillea, Coral, Catclaw, Silverlace, Trumpet, and Honeysuckle are extremely popular and will give you great color spring through autumn. Of our more traditional, evergreen vines, English ivy, Algerian ivy, and Star Jasmine are common to gardens in this area, though they require more shade and moderate water, especially in the high heat of our summers.

Be sure to ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates to help you decide on the right vine for your situation.