Prices available upon request. Visit our garden center for details.



Bedding Plants, Annuals, Vegetables

Petunias, Tomatoes, Marigolds 18 Per Flat 3" Pots 
Pansies, Snap Dragon, Etc. 18 per flat   3" Pots



4" Square Pots  16 Per Flat


Premium Perennials, Ground Cover

4" Green Pots  16 Per Flat


Proven Winners

4"  White Pots  16 Per Flat


Geraniums, Scented, Bergonias, & Misc.

6" Round Pots
8" Round Pots  
10" Round Pots 


Tropicals & House Plants

Bougainvillea, Hibiscus
Hanging Basket, Specialty Plants


Containers - Shrubs

Shrubs, Ground Covers, Evergreens, Vines
Perennials #1 Pots  
Shrubs #1 Pots  
Staked #5 Pots   



#s 2 - 3 - 5 Pots Roses
#5 Pots Climbing Roses
#2 Pots Patio Tree Roses
#5 Pots Tree Roses



Fruits  #5 Pots  
Shade Trees #5 Pots 
Dwarf Fruit Trees #5 Pots  
Trees & Shrubs #7 Pots
Trees & Shrubs #10 & #15 Pots
Trees & Shrubs #20 Pots
Specialty Plants,  Pom-Poms, Espaliers, Topiary


Boxed Trees, Shade & Ornamental, Xeriscape

Largest Selection in the Area!  24" Box  28" box - 36" Box
Mexican Fan Palms as marked Pick-Up Only
California Fan Palms as marked Pick-Up Only

(Palms priced per trunk foot at market value per season)

Bulk Materials

Materials may be picked up at the nursey or we can deliver to you.
Sierra Vista Compost

Top soil

(consists of one part valley soil to one part compost)

Wood Chips

Sold by the cubic yard. Half yard also available.