Trees - Shade & Ornamental

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From a small acorn the mighty oak tree grows. Growing a tree from seed is a wonder to behold. We are continually collecting native seed and plant material that thrives in our desert region. Trees are the foundation in the garden. A single tree provides shelter for native birds and welcome shade and wind protection for our neighborhoods, families and animals. Did you know that a shade tree can lower the hot desert temperatures up 10 degrees? 

We grow trees that are tolerant of wind, sandy soils, clay soils, and most importantly drought tolerance. 

Trees are offered in #5, #15, 24", and 27" boxed containers. Boxed trees are ready-made shade. Caliper runs from 1/2" to over 3". We also carry a full line of fruit and nut trees, topiary, citrus and small garden varieties.

We provide information on the best tree for you whether on the rocky slopes of the mountain or in the valley.We provide plant tabs and a planting/care guide for every tree to help you get off to a great start.