Annual plants will do well with ample water and fertilizing once per month during spring & summer. There are actually thousands of bedding plants that will do well in the summer heat. Having trouble making your plants bloom? Try BR-61 Fertilizer 9-58-8 (24oz.) it works!

All bedding plants should be planted so that they receive the correct sun and irrigation exposures.

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Bedding plants are used to add a splash of color to an entranceway, walkway, porch, deck or patio. They can provide high impact color when used as mass plantings in raised or ground beds. Bedding plants can also be grown in or out of containers and fit into almost any landscape design.




African Daisy

Native to Africa.  This plant adds instant cheer to spring and fall gardens with its colorful daisy like flowers and dark green foliage. Blooms are great for cutting and are available in a wide range of colors.


Native to the Mediterranean region. Low mounds of many branched stems and narrow green leaves with sweetly scented white, pink, or purple flowers cover the plant summer to fall. Grow as an edging or filler in flower beds or borders.


Native to the tropics of the Americas. Showy 8" spikes of small blue, purple, pink, and white blossoms. Will bloom all summer and is well suited to hot climates. Outstanding choice for gardens and mixed containers.


Fast growing succulents with trailing freely branching stems, 1” wide heart shaped bright green leaves with red flowers. Blooms early spring to fall. Use as low trailer in rock garden, on slope or wall.


Native to China, Japan, and Europe. Bright green coarsely divided leaves and a woody base. Up to 3’ stems bearing abundant 1 ½” to 2 ½” daisies in white, yellow, or pink. Blooms all season. Splendid in containers and gardens


Native to South Africa. This plant is a wiry-stemmed creeper with green, roughly heart shaped leaves. Blooms late spring to frost producing small five-petaled flowers. Use in hanging baskets or small scale ground cover. Pinch branches often to keep plant shapely.


Native to many tropical and subtropical regions. Succulent stems bear shiny rounded green or reddish leaves with saucer size flowers or lacy clusters of smaller blooms in red, pink, or white. Grows best in hanging baskets or pots in filtered shade.

Blue Daze

Native to Brazil. This showy plant has small trailing stems to 20” long with ½” wide blue flowers that bloom all summer long. Thrives in hot locations where other plants fail. Use in hanging baskets, flowerbeds, or as a border.


Native to tropical Asia. Noted for their brilliant “rooster comb” plumes. Celosia makes a showy, unusual display in borders and as edging. While the brilliant reds are by far the most popular, they also come in yellow, orange, crimson, rose, and purple.


Native to tropical Africa. Sturdy, square stems carry showy, patterned leaves. Each Leaf can have several different colors. Ideal for adding all-season color in gardens, landscapes, and large containers. Needs partial shade.