Acacia Sweet

Small tree or shrub, which closely resembles the white thorn acacia, in leaf, twig, and flower characters. Primary leaflets in usually 3 to 6 pairs, secondary leaflets in about 10... Read more

African Iris

An Iris-like, rhizomatous perennial with attractive blooms in spring and summer. Bears sword-shaped, semi-erect, basal leaves in a spreading fan, 8" to 1 1/2' long, 1/2" to 3/4" wide. Blooms... Read more

African Iris

An Iris-like, rhizomatous perennial with attractive blooms spring and summer. Tuft-forming with long, narrow, erect basal leaves, 8" to 1 1/2' long, 1/2" to 3/4" wide. Blooms are pale to... Read more

Agastache 'Sunset Hyssop'

Native to southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Leaves are gray-green, finely textured, aromatic. Flowers are light orange, spikelike clusters. Very heat and drought tolerant. Deadheading recommended for re-bloom. An oustanding... Read more

Bee Balm

Native to eastern North America. Leaves are green, toothed, aromatic, opposite, lanceolate, 4" to 6" long. Blooms are bright scarlet surrounded with red-tinged bracts and carried in globular terminal, whorled clusters.... Read more

Black Eyed Susan

Native to the eastern U.S. Biannual or short-lived perennial. Fast growing with an upright habit. Leaves are green, lanceolate, rough, hairy, 3" to 4" long, 1 1/2" to 2" wide. Blooms... Read more

Blackfoot Daisy

Native to southwestern U.S. Leaves are gray-green, narrow. Has a clumping, mounding habit. Blooms are daisy-like, white, with a yellow center. Blooms profusely spring through autumn, very showy. Low maintenance... Read more


Native to South Africa. A sprawling, clump-forming, succulent perennial that forms a wide spreading mound. Leaves are succulent, green, slender. Blooms orange-yellow, spike-like clusters, 6" - 12" long. Works well as a... Read more


Native of Europe. Member of the mint family. A small, clump-forming bushy perennial. Leaves are small, gray-green, with a triangular base. Blooms are spikes of tubular, light lavender blue flowers in... Read more

Chocolate Flower

Native to southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. Leaves are medium green and lobed. Blooms are a maroon and dark green center surrounded by yellow petals. They open up in the... Read more


Native to the southwest U.S. One of the most adapted Columbines. Leaves are compound, pinnate, light green, on long petioles. Flowers consist of five petals with a short broad tube... Read more

Coral Bells

Native to New Mexico and Arizona. A compact clumping perennial with roundish, basal foliage. Leaves are dark green, heart-shaped or roundish with 5 to 7 slightly toothed lobes. Flowers are... Read more


A very popular perennial late spring till autumn, with double yellow flowers. Leaves are bright green, lanceolate, 3 to 5 lobed. It has a very compact, erect growth habit. Blooms are... Read more


Foliage is bright green, lanceolate, and hairy. Bright yellow blooms on long stems, that are leafy at the base. Blooms occur May through August, not as many as C. grandiflora.... Read more

Cuphea 'Bat Face'

Native to Mexico, Central America. Leaves are green, lanceolate, 3" long. The black to purple lobes of the red flowers resemble the face of a bat. Needs moderate water in the... Read more

Cuphea 'Mexican Heather'

A compact showy perennial with pink-purple blooms. Leaves are green, glossy, linear, 1/2" to 3/4" long. Flowers are very small, trumpet shaped. Blooms continuously late spring through autumn. Read more


A vigorous, clump-forming perennial that blooms from mid to late summer. Strap-shaped leaves are light green, 6" to 1 1/2" long, 1/4" wide. Blooms borne in succession at the end... Read more

Desert Marigold

Native to the southwestern U.S.  A short-lived perennial with a fast growth rate. Leaves are gray-green and woolly. Blooms are daisy-like flowers at the end of long slender stems. Very... Read more


Spring to summer flowering, low growing, compact perennials grown for their masses of flowers in a wide range of colors and textures. Foliage is tuft-forming and evergreen in colors of blue-green, gray-green,... Read more


Native to central and eastern North America. A very striking and interesting herbaceous perennial. Leaves are dark green, alternate, simple 4" to 8" long, 1 1/4" to 2" wide. Lower... Read more