California Fan Palm

Native to California, Arizona.  Leaves are light green, with small teeth, long stalked 3' to 6' and stand well apart in an open crown. When leaves mature they bend down... Read more

Canary Island Date Palm

Native to the Canary Islands. A large heavy-trunked plant with many deep green, arching fronds that form a crown. Grows slowly until it forms a trunk, then speeds up a... Read more

European Fan Palm

Native to western Mediterranean. One of the most hardiest palms. A multi-trunked habit forming rounded clumps. Can also be trained as a single trunk. Green to bluish green fan-like leaves... Read more

Mexican Fan Palm

Native to Mexico. A very tall and slender palm with with a crown of large fan-shaped fronds. Leaf stalks are shorter than 'Filifera' with large teeth and a red streak... Read more

Sago Palm

Native to Japan. Not a fern or a palm, these evergreen plants are relatives of conifers. Sagos (Cycads) are a group of plants that are very primative in their orgins.... Read more

Windmill Palm

Native of China. A medium-sized hardy palm with a tree-like growth habit. Black, hairy fibers cover it's long slender trunk, which is thicker at the top than the bottom. Stalks... Read more