Ground Covers

Algerian Ivy

Native to the Canary Islands, Mediterranean region of North Africa. A fast-growing, self-clinging climber or ground cover. Leaves are dark green, ovate to triangular, glossy, 5" to 8" wide, 3... Read more


Native to Europe, North America. With its tidy mound of grassy foliage and profusion of rose-pink spherical flowers mounds spread to 1'. Kept deadheaded, flowering will continue throughout much of... Read more

Baccharis 'Thompson'

An evergreen shrub with a mounding, trailing habit. A hybrid between B. sarothroides and B. pilularis. Leaves are dark green, simple, alternate, oblanceolate, 1/4" long, 2/16" wide. Flowers are inconspicuous... Read more

Cotoneaster Gray

Native to China, Northern India. A medium size, dense evergreen shrub with an arching growth habit. Leaves are dark gray-green above, bluish-white beneath, simple, alternate, ovate, 1/2" long, 1/4" wide.... Read more

Cotoneaster Lowfast

Native to China, Northern India. A low, spreading semi-evergreen shrub with a trailing growth habit. Leaves are dark green above, whitish-gray beneath, alternate, simple, elliptic to elliptic-oblong 4/5" to 1... Read more

Coyote Bush Dwarf

Native to northern California Coast. A very dependable hardy, evergreen groundcover. Leaves are small, toothed, closely set on branches, about 1/2" long. Makes a dense bright green mat that is... Read more

Creeping Germander

Native to the Mediterranean. A shrubby perennial with upright, woody-based stems. Leaves are dark green, ovate, toothed, 3/4" long, 1/4" wide. Flowers are purple-red, in whorls on loose spikes, 1/2"... Read more

Dalea Sierra Gold

Native of Mexico. A hardy, semi-evergreen groundcover. Leaves are light green, obovate, alternate, bipinnately compound, 9 -13 leaflets, aromatic. Flowers are yellow spikes spring through autumn. Has a mounding, trailing... Read more

Dalea Trailing Indigo Bush

A semi-evergreen ground cover with a mounding habit. Leaves are silver-gray leaflets on long stems that root at nodes. Purple blooms appear in mid to late autumn. A good ground... Read more


Native to Mexico. A low growing evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub with many stems rising in a mounded form from a woody base. Leaves are tiny, needlelike, smooth and aromatic. Bright... Read more

English Ivy

Native of Europe. A vigorous, evergreen, self-clinging climber or ground cover. Leaves are dark green, 2" to 4" wide and long, 3 to 5 lobes. Does best in morning sun, afternoon shade. Read more

Euonymus Colorata

Purple-leaf winter creeper 2’ high and 6’ to 8’ wide sprawling growth habit with even cover leaves turn purple in the fall and winter. Versatile ground cover for sunny or shady... Read more

Gazania Trailing

Grows as tall as clumping Gazania, but has a rapidly spreading growth habit. Leaves are gray-green, lanceolate, 1 1/4" long, 1/2" wide. Flowers are bright yellow, daisy-like, 3" to 4" wide. Evergreen... Read more

Hearts and Flowers

A fast growing, very popular perennial succulent commonly used as a ground cover. It has a trailing habit with freely branching stems. Flowers are dark pink, 1/2" wide. Read more

Honeysuckle Hall's

Native to eastern Asia. A semi-evergreen, woody-stemmed, climbing vine.  Leaves are dark green, ovate, 1" to 2" long, 3/4" to 1 1/2" wide. Blooms are white that turn yellow with... Read more


Native of South Africa. A versatile ground cover thats densely branched with broad, cylindrical, fleshy green leaves. Blooms are daisy-like in colors of purple, yellow, red.  Read more

Juniper Andorra

Handsome feathery foliage with a tightly branching form. Gray-green in summer, turning a plum color in winter. Good for rock gardens and low maintenance landscapes. Read more

Juniper Bar Harbor

Feathery foliage that is blue-gray, turning a plum color in winter. As plant matures center becomes exposed, especially in hot climates. Read more

Juniper Blue Chip

Silvery blue foliage with a spreading growth habit. Retains its color all year. Moderate growth rate. Read more

Juniper Blue Rug

Silver-blue, dense foliage with a very low spreading growth habit. Does not expose its limbs with age. Read more