Blue Fescue

Native of Europe. An icy blue color, clumping, ornamental grass with narrow fine leaves and tan colored flower spikes. Very dramatic color contrast to any landscape. Good for edging borders... Read more

Deer Grass

Native from California to Texas and south into Mexico. A dense tight clump with an upright growth habit. Leaves are bright green with slender yellow or purple flower spikes in... Read more

Feather Reed Grass

Native to Europe and Asia. A sturdy clumping grass with feathery flower spikes that emerge reddish-brown in spring turning golden brown in autumn. Leaves are bright green. Fast growth rate... Read more

Maiden Grass Adagio

Native to Japan, China, and Korea. A compact, dwarf maiden grass perfect for small areas. Leaves are silvery green turning golden yellow in autumn. Plumes open pink then fade to... Read more

Maiden Grass Gracillimus

Native to Japan, Korea, and China. A very attractive ornamental grass with silver green blades that turn golden bronze in autumn. Stems are 5' to 6' tall and bear coppery... Read more

Mexican Feather Grass

Native to Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. A very fine textured, clumping, ornamental grass. Leaves are threadlike, bright green with very thin flowering stems that arch outward and downward, ending... Read more

Pampas Grass

Native to Argentina. A large fast growing fountain of saw-toothed, light green, grassy leaves. Plumes are 1' to 3' long and appear in late summer. Very showy and large. Makes... Read more

Pampas Grass Dwarf

Native to Argentina. A clumping perennial with saw-toothed, light green, grassy leaves. 1" to 3' long white plumes rise above foliage in late summer. Very fast growth rate. 'Pumila' is... Read more

Pink Muhly

Clump forming grass with fine textured dark green leaves. Plumes are masses of tall, delicate, rose-red panicles which bloom September through November. Great ground cover when planted in masses or... Read more

Purple Fountain Grass

Native of tropical Africa, southwestern Asia, Arabian Peninsula. A very popular ornamental grass with clumps of purplish, maroon blades. Rose-red plumes summer through autumn. One of the best grasses to... Read more