Fruit Trees

Almond Tree All-In-One Genetic Semi-Dwarf

#1 almond for home orchards. Heavy crops of soft-shelled nuts with sweet, flavorful kernels. Very winter and frost hardy. Read more

Almond Tree Garden Prince Genetic Dwarf

Compact, lushly foliated 10-12 ft. tree. Soft shell, kernels especially sweet and tasty.  Bears young and heavy.  Large, light pink blossoms. 250 hours. Self-fruitful. Read more

Apple Tree Anna

Remarkable fruit for mild-winter climates in South California, South Arizona. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert. Fresh/cooked. Keeps 2 months in refrigerator. 200 hours. Self-fruitful... Read more

Apple Tree Fuji

Recent introduction from Japan that quickly became California's favorite apple. Sweet, very crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Dull reddish-orange skin, sometimes russeted. Ripe mid-September. Excellent pollenizer for other apple varieties.... Read more

Apple Tree Gala

Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Skin reddish-orange over yellow. Early harvest, 2-3 weeks before Red Delicious. Good pollenizer for other... Read more

Apple Tree Golden Delicious

Long-time favorite for its sweetness and flavor. Reliable producer, adapted to many climates. Pollenizer for Red Delicious. Mid-season harvest (September in Central Calif.). 700 hours. Self fruitful. Read more

Apple Tree Granny Smith

From Australia. Large, late, green, all-purpose. Crisp, tart, excellent keeper. Requires long summer. Thrives in hot climates. 600 hours. Prolonged bloom, good pollenizer for other apples. Self fruitful. Read more

Apple Tree Jonathan

Heavy annual bearer, high quality when well grown. Cooks well. Medium to dark red. Crisp, juicy, moderately tart, flavorful. August harvest in Central Calif. 700 to 800 hours. Self-fruitful. Read more

Apple Tree King

Large, old-time red-striped apple with classic apple flavor. Used for deserts, cooking or cider. Sterile pollen; cross-pollination required. Read more

Apple Tree Pink Lady

Hot climate apple from Western Australia. Very crisp, sweet-tart, distinct flavor, good keeper. Skin reddish-pink over green when ripe. White flesh resists browning. Harvest begins late October in Central CA,... Read more

Apple Tree Red Delicious (Bisbee Spur)

Sweet, crisp, flavorful — perhaps the best Red Delicious. Early fall. Small, compact tree. Good pollenizer for most other apples. 700 hours. Pollenized by Liberty, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Fuji,... Read more

Apple Tree Snow

Famous for it's pure white flesh and spicy, aromatic, subacid flavor. Small to medium fruit with beautiful light red skin. Used primarily for desert, also for cooking and cider.  October... Read more

Apricot Tree Blenheim

All-purpose freestone, sweet, aromatic, flavorful. Long-time No.1 apricot in California. Early bloom. Late June harvest in Central Calif. Estimated chill requirement: 400 hours or less. Self-fruitful. Read more

Apricot Tree Moorpark

Long-time favorite of apricot fanciers for its exceptionally rich flavor and aroma. Reliable producer. Used fresh and for canning. 600 hours. Self-fruitful. Read more

Apricot Tree Tilton

No.1 apricot for canning, excellent fresh or dried as well. Medium to large, firm, rich flavor -one of the best. Widely adapted. Early July in Central Calif. 600 hours. Self-fruitful.... Read more

Cherry Tree Bing

Large, firm, juicy, sweet, nearly black when ripe-superb flavor, the No.1 cherry. Mid-season. Large vigorous tree. Pollenized by: Black Tartarian, Van, Rainier and in colder climates, Stella . Estimated chilling... Read more

Cherry Tree Black Tartarian

Medium-sized, nearly black, sprightly flavor, early season. Vigorous, productive tree. Pollenizer required - interfruitful with all popular sweet cherries. Estimated chilling requirement: 700 hours. Read more

Cherry Tree Stella

Self-fruitful - no pollenizer needed. Large, nearly black, richly flavored sweet cherry. Similar to its parent, Lambert. Late harvest. Pollenizes Bing, except in mild winter climates. Estimated chilling requirement: 400... Read more

Fig Tree Black Mission

The favorite. Purplish-black skin, strawberry- colored flesh, rich flavor. Heavy bearing, long-lived, large tree. Coast or inland. Fresh/dry/can. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Read more

Fig Tree Brown Turkey

Large, brown skin, pink flesh. Sweet, rich flavor, used fresh. Widely adapted - coast or inland climate. Small tree, prune to any shape. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Read more