Corn Plant Care

Common Name: Corn Plant or Corn Dracaena
Scientific Name: Dracaena Massangeana
Lighting: Low
Watering: Moderate
The Corn plant require very little care. The Corn plant has long leaves stemming from a wooden cane like stalk. The variegated leaves resemble corn foliage thus the name. The foliage using contains a yellow or crème center with dark green borders.
The Corn plant enjoys low light, making it perfect for corners and hallways. The Corn plant requires moderate watering. Water thoroughly once every 7 - 10 days or when the soil is dry to touch down 1 inch into the soil. The roots of the Corn plant are located close to the canes. It is also a very shallow root system, therefore when watering, place the water near the base of each cane to be sure the roots are able to absorb the water. If the leaves begin to drop or yellow, try watering the plant less frequently. You could be over watering it.
The Corn plant tends to be resistant to many of the pests that other houseplants encounter. If your Corn plant does become infected with bugs or mites, spraying a soapy mixture of water and dish soap over the plant should take care of the problem.
This houseplant is one of many poisonous houseplants. To be safe, keep it away from pets and children.