Tomato Tips!

1) Plant deeply to encourage new roots. Pinch off lowest leaves, plant and new roots will form.

2) Fertilize when planting with 1-2 tablespoons of organic fertilizer per plant. Top dress with another tablespoon of food. As plants bloom add more food.

3) Water deeply when top of soil dries down ½ -1 inch. Do not spray water on the leaves at night.

4) Keep training the vines up the cage, trellis or pole.

5) Use 2-3 inches of mulch to keep the soil cool and conserve water.

6) Pinch or cut off the side shoots to encourage more fruit, less leaves.

7) If you have problems, try planting in a new area and fertilize with organic tomato food. Try a cherry type for fast fruit and celebrity, early girl or a beefsteak type. They are bred to resit diseases.

8) Harvest early in the day and ENJOY! Try some on the grill or oven roasted (place in freezer bags when cooled to prolong your bounty).