Native of Japan. A densely branched evergreen shrub with a spreading, angular habit. Leaves are lustrous dark green above, silvery below with brown rusty dots, linear-ovate, 2" to 4" long,... Read more

Spanish Broom

A deciduous shrub with erect, bright green stems. Leaves are green, simple, linear to lanceolate, 3/4" long. Fragrant blooms in early spring. Tolerates rocky and poor soils. Very drought tolerant... Read more

Spirea Anthony Waterer

A dwarf shrub with reddish purple new growth that turns to a bright green in summer, then to reddish-orange in autumn. Leaves are alternate, simple, toothed, ovate-lanceolate, 1" to 3"... Read more

Star Jasmine

Native to China. A very beautiful, evergreen, twining vine with very fragrant star-shaped white flowers. Leaves are simple, ovate, leathery, lustrous dark green above, pale green beneath, 1 1/2" to... Read more

Sumac Little Leaf

Native to Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. A multi-branched shrub or, occasionally, a small tree that forms a dense mound. Leaves are green, pinnate, 5 to 9 leaflets, leathery, shiny,... Read more

Sumac Sugar Bush

Native to Southwestern U.S. A dense evergreen shrub with an upright or spreading growth habit. Leaves are simple, smooth, leathery, ovate, folded at midrib, 1" to 3" long, 3/4" to... Read more

Sumac Three Leaf

Native to Western U.S., Canada and Mexico. A deciduous shrub with a clumping, spreading growth habit, that usually forms a thicket. Leaves are green, pinnate, thin, aromatic, with 3 leaflets.... Read more

Turpentine Bush

Native to the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. A compact evergreen shrub with aromatic foliage. Leaves are green, linear, 3/4" long. Yellow blooms in mass during late summer and autumn.... Read more

Viburnum Spring Bouquet

Native to the Mediterranean region. A dense evergreen shrub with a mass of blooms from late autumn till spring. Leaves are opposite, simple, ovate to oblong, dark green above, light... Read more

Woolly Butterfly Bush

Native to the Chihuahuan Desert. A semi-evergreen irregularly branched shrub with woolly, silver foliage. Leaves are silver-gray, opposite, simple, serrate, aromatic, 1" to 1 1/4" long, 1/4" to 1/2" wide.... Read more

Yellow Bells 'Gold Star'

Native of Southwestern U.S. down to Central America. A deciduous shrub, woody vine or small tree. Leaves are medium green, pinnate, ovate-oblong, serrate, 2" to 4" long, 3/4" to 2"... Read more

Yellow Bells Esperanza

Native to Arizona and West Texas. A deciduous shrub with an erect, irregular growth habit. Leaves are green, opposite, compound, elliptic-lanceolate, 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" long, 1/4" to 1/2"... Read more

Yew Pine

Native of southern China, Japan. An upright oval to columnar shrub or tree. Leaves are bright green above, glaucous beneath, linear, 1" to 3" long, 1/4" to 3/8" wide, arranged... Read more